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10 Ribbon Toy Patterns For Little Hands

Sensory toys are all the rage and with one of these tutorials it’s easy to whip up something sweet and tactile for the little hands in your life. You can use a variety of ribbons, textured fabrics like terry, chenille, … Continue reading

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Stashing Through May

I’ve fully believed in SBLE (stash beyond life expectancy). Collecting copious amounts of yarn, fabric and more is my plan for being well clothed and warm in the zombie apocalypse. If you can’t beat ’em, knit ’em a sweater. This … Continue reading

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A Dragon is Hatched

With all the Christmas orders on their way to their new homes I’ve been able to turn my attention to some of my own projects. I’m still sewing for Christmas, but these presents will be staying here bringing joy to … Continue reading

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How to Replace Goodmama Elastic

There are few things sadder than beautiful diapers with dead elastic. It can bring a tear to a mama’s eyes to hear that sound of elastic going “crunch.” What’s a girl to do?! You can of course send your fluffs … Continue reading

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Little Man Bow Ties – How to Tuesday

My first post on the shiney new website. Really seeing it all come together makes me giddy. I had a request to make this fabulous ruffled dress. I’m pretty sure I need something like this for myself, maybe a skirt, … Continue reading

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Maternity Shirt to Fitted Tee Restyle

There are days when I’m sad that I’m done having babies, especially since the choice was made for me rather than really coming to it on my own. On the other hand I’m not horribly sad to be done with … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Play Pen Sheets

It’s funny how certain brand names become synonymous with the product they are. How often do you ask for a facial tissue instead of a Kleenex? I remember when play pens were play pens and now they’re all called Pack … Continue reading

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Mended Jeans Even a Preteen Will Wear

Holey jeans are a given with four boys, but I’d like to get more than 2 weeks worth of wear from any given pair. Yes, even the $3 ones from the second hand store. When toddler child busts a hole … Continue reading

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