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10 Ribbon Toy Patterns For Little Hands

Sensory toys are all the rage and with one of these tutorials it’s easy to whip up something sweet and tactile for the little hands in your life. You can use a variety of ribbons, textured fabrics like terry, chenille, … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Bug Repellent

Love the great outdoors, but hate the bugs? Do you hate the harsh chemicals in commercial bug repellents? Well the bugs love me and that makes me miserable when all I want to do id get the boys out and … Continue reading

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Dipped Cookie Bunnies for Easter

Easter is less than a week away and we’re in high bunny gear. This weekend we played with cookies and made this sweet little treat. I love that is was easy enough to let little hands help. Enter our ingredients. We … Continue reading

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Day 12 – Fruit Fly Trap

Confession, this is actually a trick I use regularly, but I found it on Pinterest. Every time I bring home a fresh pineapple I end up with fruit flies. Never fails! We had a pineapple last week and a few … Continue reading

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Day 7 – Removing ink from containers

I saw this pin and meant to try it during the holidays last year and never got around to it. I always want to reuse the large containers we get from cottage cheese and yogurt etc, but there is nothing … Continue reading

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Day 5 – Newspaper Print Nails

I used to paint my nails all the time. Once I had kicked the nail biting habit it was fun. I keep seeing cute manicures on pinterest and wonder why I don’t do that anymore. Then I remember that the … Continue reading

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Day 3 – Make Your Own Slime

Sundays are a day for rest, well, as much rest as one can have as the Captain of Chaos. Pancake feed at church this afternoon and then mostly just hanging out with the kids. We took a little time to … Continue reading

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30 Day Pinterest Challenge

Since joining the masses and becoming addicted to Pinterest I’ve amassed over 5,000 pins and I’m still adding. Anyone else a bipolar pinner? Fruit smoothie, running tips, cute exercise wear, oh triple chocolate cake with Oreos®, caramel, and marshmallow fluff! … Continue reading

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Save Up-cycling

It has come to my attention in the Etsy-verse that shops who enjoy up-cycling and reusing are being targeted and bullied. We live in a wasteful world and being able to take an existing item and turn it into something … Continue reading

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DIY Bleach Stenciling

I’m pretty geeky and my fandoms are enumerable. One of my greatest loves is Doctor Who. Aside from the fact that Ten is nummy to look at I really like that I can share it with my children. Unlike some … Continue reading

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