Sizing and Pricing

Basic sizing and pricing for some of our common items: Pricing is an average and subject to change depending on options, materials, details etc. Sending your own materials entitles one to a discount that is dependent on the quantity of material required.

Memory bears made in clothes or fabric. Can be done with button or hidden joints in a sitting style or a laying version. Created from the funky friends factory patterns.


bear2 bear3


Rag Dolls, a tall doll measuring about 21″ with jointed arms. $50-65 depending on materials chosen.
rr doll

Carrier Accessories. Wrap scrap cost a bit more depending on scrap used.

Corner Pads $30
Straight $22 add bows $26
Plain Reach Straps $8 with bows $10
Flat hoods $25

Hoodie hood $35


Blankets and Loveys

Lovey 15″x15″ $15; w/ 5″loop $20; add wooden ring for $3

Baby 34″ x 30″ $32

Toddler 48″ x 30″ $40

Mama Bear 48″ x 60″ $66

Papa Bear 60″ x 60″ $80

All Together 60″ x 84″ $98


  • Newborns: $18
  • Small: $23
  • Medium: $28
  • Large: $33
  • X-Large: $38
  • One-sized $35



$90-145 depending on size and materials chosen.

Made with your choice of velours / prints. Horns and or wings can be added at no extra charge. Feet are weighted to aid in standing and body may be filled with polyfil or wool batting. Faces are hand sewn and yarn mane is chosen to coordinate with body selections. Mane is hand sewn using a crochet wig and each strand is individually placed. This increases hair durability and makes for easier styling. Animal is fully reinforced for durability.

Large pony stands approximately 10″ at the back, and 12″ inches at the ear.

Small pony stands approximately 8″ at the back, and 10″ inches at the ear.


alicornsrainbow corn

Dolls and Daydreams Critters

This style of critter is available in a number of options including, but not limited to

Owl, Bat, Bear, Panda, Monkey, Dino, Bunny, Snowman Hedgehog, Monster, Pony, Koala, Fox, Cat, Bird, Lamb, Mouse and several doll options.

Approximate sizing and pricing:

12.5″ $45, 11″ $35, 8.5″ $22 and 4″ $16



Our popular dragons come with several wing options and can be made in a variety of fabrics. They also have a number of accessories that can be added such as a diaper, egg, tutu, tiny friend, etc. Created using the Nimblephish pattern.

Depending on options range from $80-110 with wool and wrap scrap being more than mixed fabrics and polyfil.


dragonsurprise rainbow

We have a number of additional patterns from animals to dolls, clothes and more. We aim to make your dreams a reality. We can do embroidery, screen printing, vinyl work and are experienced in a variety of mediums. Do not hesitate to ask if you have a specific creation in mind.

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