12 Halloween Inspired Lunches

While Halloween may not be my favorite holiday it ranks at the top of the list for fun lunch ideas. Mummies, ghosts, bats and more makes this the perfect time of year to play with your food. I’ve collected a few of my favorites to highlight. You can find a list at the end of some of the tools and items used to create the lunches in this list. 20141029_080656

Jack-o-lantern sandwich on a bed of spinach with peas and carrots, apple slices to dip in caramel, and yogurt.


The spider begal sandwich, using pepper slices as the legs. Horned melon seeds on strawberries look like spider eggs.


Ham and cheese pinwheels with olive “heads ” look like little snakes.


The “black” cat is only mildly spooky.


Pigs in a blanket mummies are always a favorite especially with the wrapped banana counterpart.


Tortilla sandwich bat and drawing a pumpkin face on clementines. It’s simple but adds to the fun.


We get to see the cat again under a crescent moon.


Cupcake rings are an easy way to decorate. We always pick up a bag of the Halloween marshmallows to use this time of year. They pair perfectly with the ghost cutter.


Layer strips of cheese and then cut with a gingerbread man cutter to create a mummy.


Food markers are used to add details like on this boiled egg “eye”.


The skull egg mold is one of our favorites this time of year. And the skeleton cheetos were a great companion.


“Boo” using our alphabet cutters to create little sandwiches to match the ghost ring and ghost egg. 

Hope you were inspired to make something a little spooky and cute this week. We love seeing what you make so be sure to tag us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @turkandbean

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