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Of Children and Snowmen

Our nation still feels the wounds of the events in Colorado several months ago and Friday we found our hearts shattered once again. I have fund myself desolving into tears dozens of times throughout the day. Every piece of news … Continue reading

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Who is Super Mom?

I saw this post in my facebook feed today and it was exactly what I needed to hear. I suffer from perfectmomitis. It’s a pretty epidemic infection if ever I saw one. Sure I have the same pressures as most … Continue reading

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Tim McGraw

There are always things in your life that evoke certain memories no matter how much time has passed or the paths your life has taken. It can be a song, a smell, the sound of breath, something simple that reminds … Continue reading

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What’s a Loser?

My posts are a bit personal lately, but it’s these thoughts that disrupt my daily routine and slow my progress. It’s hard to work when your mind is busy. The past week I’ve used the word loser 3 times in … Continue reading

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Bad Things and Good People

With the Olympics in full swing the media has shifted from the events in Colorado to the global gathering. But if you’re like me your heart still aches for the families of those involved. You’ve also probably been left explaining … Continue reading

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Monday Musings – Time Well Spent

Road trips across Nebraska are dull. There is something soothing about corn waves in the wind, but after the first 100 miles it soothes you right to sleep. It’s nothing like driving in Alaska; sky, mountains, trees, water, flowers, etc. … Continue reading

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Mom, it’s the New Dad

You may remember that a couple months ago I was having a bit of a personal crisis over whether or not I was “man” enough to turn my little boys into Godly men. And in that time I’ve worked out … Continue reading

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Will They Be Courageous?

I watched Courageous this weekend. And I’ll admit I cried through most of it. I know I’m the type of parent who would hold on to a moving vehicle if my child was being taken. And there is nothing in this world … Continue reading

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