Save the Swap 2015

There seems to be more and more unrest within the babywearing community over the state of the swap. Everywhere you turn people are positing questions… “Is this the end of easy churning?” “Has the market crashed forever?” “Why is my stuff just sitting?” There are dozens of factors from basic supply vs. demand and others like buyers are too busy out enjoying their summers and, you know, wearing their babies, so they aren’t as actively scanning the swap pages.

I would like to draw a little attention to those of us who are doing our part everyday to keep the swap afloat. In some circles we are looked down upon. Scavengers taking our scissors to these beautiful wraps, hacking into the memories of loving parents who carried their kids close to their hearts. ¬†Without us there would be no scrap bags, scrap dragons, scrap lanyards or any of the other coordinating accessories everyone loves so much. Some go so far as to buy up wraps just so we won’t chop them.

We carry on; buying wraps in back alleys and carefully running our machines under the cover of night. We lovingly produce these beautiful scrap items and offer them to the masses. We keep those wraps off the swap and you may thank us.

For the month of August we’re joining together to bring awareness to the service we provide to the babywearing community. My sister choppers and I are accepting a challenge to make 15 items this month using wraps that we have gotten. These will not include custom send your own scrap orders and we’ll have some great items to load into our stores as we work. When you buy from a scrap vendor you are doing your bit to Save the Swap, so search for the #savetheswap2015 when shopping and know you’re part of something bigger.



If you are a scrapper fill free to join in and use the image above and the associated tag.

Happy Scrapping!!


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