12 Halloween Inspired Lunches

While Halloween may not be my favorite holiday it ranks at the top of the list for fun lunch ideas. Mummies, ghosts, bats and more makes this the perfect time of year to play with your food. I’ve collected a few of my favorites to highlight. You can find a list at the end of some of the tools and items used to create the lunches in this list. 20141029_080656

Jack-o-lantern sandwich on a bed of spinach with peas and carrots, apple slices to dip in caramel, and yogurt.


The spider begal sandwich, using pepper slices as the legs. Horned melon seeds on strawberries look like spider eggs.


Ham and cheese pinwheels with olive “heads ” look like little snakes.


The “black” cat is only mildly spooky.


Pigs in a blanket mummies are always a favorite especially with the wrapped banana counterpart.


Tortilla sandwich bat and drawing a pumpkin face on clementines. It’s simple but adds to the fun.


We get to see the cat again under a crescent moon.


Cupcake rings are an easy way to decorate. We always pick up a bag of the Halloween marshmallows to use this time of year. They pair perfectly with the ghost cutter.


Layer strips of cheese and then cut with a gingerbread man cutter to create a mummy.


Food markers are used to add details like on this boiled egg “eye”.


The skull egg mold is one of our favorites this time of year. And the skeleton cheetos were a great companion.


“Boo” using our alphabet cutters to create little sandwiches to match the ghost ring and ghost egg. 

Hope you were inspired to make something a little spooky and cute this week. We love seeing what you make so be sure to tag us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @turkandbean

You can find some of our supplies at Amazon:

Our favorite lunch box:  The best cutter collection for all the holidays, letters, numbers, and more:   Skull egg mold:  Ghost rings:  Jack-O-lantern decorating candies:

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10 Ribbon Toy Patterns For Little Hands

Sensory toys are all the rage and with one of these tutorials it’s easy to whip up something sweet and tactile for the little hands in your life. You can use a variety of ribbons, textured fabrics like terry, chenille, and minky, or crinkle material to make each project a fun experience. Each picture is a live link to where you can find the pattern/tutorial.

Free Sunshine Tutorial




Free Blocks Tutorial  Using longer and shorter pieces can make rectangles or triangles could easily be modified.

soft block tutorial


If you have an embroidery machine this cute dino pattern is available on Etsy.




Another plushy pattern available on Crafty. Who doesn’t love a swimming friend?



Tagged star tutorial



For a personalized tag toy you can sew up this alphabet inspired option.


Ribbon Ball. Mixed with the blocks you’ll have a complete set for building and throwing.

ball taggie

How about an animal shaped plushy? Check out the elephant and giraffe at Make it and Love it.

Or how about this supre sweet ladybug. I think the wings give it an extra tactile bonus that’s sure to delight. With a few changes it could be a bee too. ladybug


Though my favorite is probably this little cloud using fabric as knotted ribbon in place of loops. cloud


This collection of tag toy projects is recommended for personal use, be sure to research applicable patents and regulations on sewing for profit.

Happy Crafting!


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Shakeology Nutella

Hazelnut spreadIf you’re doing any of the Beachbody Programs like the 21 Day Fix you’re following a healthy diet and likely using Shakeology. There are probably days when you just miss some of your favorites. For me that’s Nutella; it’s like happy hazelnut crack in a jar and I like to just eat it by the spoonful. As you can imagine that’s not so great for the waistline.

I got to thinking that you can have Shakeology, which is a treat in itself, but you can also have small portions of nuts and coconut oil. Those three ingredients are just what you need to create a guilt free chocolate hazelnut spread substitute. Something so simple becomes something delicious.



1/2 Scoop Chocolate Shakeology®

2 Cups Hazelnuts

1/4 Cup Coconut Oil, melted

Blend until smooth. Odds are you know your blender, food processor or whatever you use to blend. I use a Blendtec. It’s pretty high powered and can handle the thick nut chopping business involved here. You may need to pre-chop your nuts. Because of the natural oils it will separate some as it sits. I make a batch then use it in small bits when I need a little treat. The kids are happy to scoop it by the spoonful and will be getting bits of this in their lunch boxes as a fruit/cracker dip when school starts back up. While this is a much less guilty treat one still needs to follow self control and moderation. Use just a tsp as a nut butter replacement.

Happy Healthy Snacking!

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Save the Swap 2015

There seems to be more and more unrest within the babywearing community over the state of the swap. Everywhere you turn people are positing questions… “Is this the end of easy churning?” “Has the market crashed forever?” “Why is my stuff just sitting?” There are dozens of factors from basic supply vs. demand and others like buyers are too busy out enjoying their summers and, you know, wearing their babies, so they aren’t as actively scanning the swap pages.

I would like to draw a little attention to those of us who are doing our part everyday to keep the swap afloat. In some circles we are looked down upon. Scavengers taking our scissors to these beautiful wraps, hacking into the memories of loving parents who carried their kids close to their hearts.  Without us there would be no scrap bags, scrap dragons, scrap lanyards or any of the other coordinating accessories everyone loves so much. Some go so far as to buy up wraps just so we won’t chop them.

We carry on; buying wraps in back alleys and carefully running our machines under the cover of night. We lovingly produce these beautiful scrap items and offer them to the masses. We keep those wraps off the swap and you may thank us.

For the month of August we’re joining together to bring awareness to the service we provide to the babywearing community. My sister choppers and I are accepting a challenge to make 15 items this month using wraps that we have gotten. These will not include custom send your own scrap orders and we’ll have some great items to load into our stores as we work. When you buy from a scrap vendor you are doing your bit to Save the Swap, so search for the #savetheswap2015 when shopping and know you’re part of something bigger.



If you are a scrapper fill free to join in and use the image above and the associated tag.

Happy Scrapping!!


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Make Your Own Bug Repellent

Love the great outdoors, but hate the bugs? Do you hate the harsh chemicals in commercial bug repellents? Well the bugs love me and that makes me miserable when all I want to do id get the boys out and enjoy the summer. Enter my pretty much no fail essential oils bug solution.


Yes, it’s that simple. Gather up your “ingredients”.  I used a bottle from the dollar store, because in a day out we use up the whole thing, but I love the glass bottles for long term storage. Many are available at Specialty Bottle. You will easily find a million ways to use the fun jars and containers from their wide collection. Amazon also has this great starter kit with a collection of bottles to use with your oils. Witch Hazel is readily available in the pharmacy section of most retail stores. You can be pretty flexible with the amounts depending on your bottle size. Increase for a more and decrease for less.


  • 8-10 drops Peppermint
  • 8-10 drops Lavender
  • 8-10 drops Thieves
  • 3oz Witch Hazel
  • 3oz Distilled Water

Shake in a spray bottle to mix, will separate, so be sure to give it a good shake up when it’s time to use.

All the oils used are available in the Young Living Starter Kit. Right now through August 14th premium starter kits are $10 off for new members and 10% off for existing members. If you’ve ever considered trying out Young Living oils now is the time to give it a whirl. Just look at all the fabulousness below! If you’re interested in starting your own oil journey you can join here and I will happily lead you.

Starter KitWe used this over the 4th of July holiday and with two days outside the kids and I were free from bugs. I was so happy to find I had even been spared from the chiggers who always eat me up and make me itch for days. The boys played with dogs that they found had ticks and none of the little critters decided to make a lunch of my kidlets. Plus when we used it those around us loved the smell and commented how nice it was to be down wind of us when we applied it. Play around with combinations to deter creepy crawlies in your area. Prior to receiving my Young Living kit I had been using an off the shelf brand of oils and I will say that this batch of “bug spray” worked better than any I had made before.

Oils can also be used around the home to deter bugs. Here is a handy chart:


Products Used:

  purification2  theives2  peppermint2  lavender2

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

* Always check for bugs at the end of your outing and wear appropriate preventative clothes for your outdoor environment.

Happy healthy living!

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Rainbow Shirt Pre-Order

This is detailed information on the pre-order for our rainbow shirt that says “I just want to drink coffee, wear babies, and make beautiful things”. There is an option to sub words if you would prefer a different drink or final line. Shirt will print as shown in rainbow. Due to the hand screened method rainbow placement and gradiation will vary. Each shirt will be unique. Currently printing on heather grey only.


You may order through Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/239710072/i-just-want-to-rainbow-print-shirt-pre?ref=shop_home_active_1 or using the form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jqn6SmMZk8O8JG0S-3GyEmRkx8IBky4_iNx3eoRgGLs/viewform?usp=send_form

Ordering will close on and all payments will be due by June 29th. Shirts will be printed and shipped no later than August 12th.

3 shirt styles are available. Racer tank $20, Women’s tee $16, and Unisex hoodie $25. Prices do not include shipping

shirt options


Tank Sizing and Info:

  • 70% rayon / 30% poly
  • Merrowed bottom hem
  • Flowy jersey
  • A-line body and relaxed fit
  • Sheering at racerback seam
  • Tagged

sizing tank Tee Sizing and Info:

  • 90% cotton / 10% Poly
  • Narrow 5/8″ ribbed neck
  • Seamless collar
  • Taped neck and shoulders
  • Double needle stitching throughout
  • Cut with smaller sleeves and body for a narrower fit
  • Tagged

sizing tee


Hoodie Sizing and Info:

  • 75% cotton / 25% poly
  • Full-cut hood with matching drawcord.
  • Spandex-reinforced cuffs and coverseamed waistband.
  • Extra large pouch pocket
  • PrintProXP patented low-pill, high-stitch density fabric
  • Tagged

sizing hoodie


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Stashing Through May

I’ve fully believed in SBLE (stash beyond life expectancy). Collecting copious amounts of yarn, fabric and more is my plan for being well clothed and warm in the zombie apocalypse. If you can’t beat ’em, knit ’em a sweater. This constant collection of craft supplies has suddenly found me drowning in my work space. I may have bought supplies for a specific project and now can’t even find them. Maybe the helper elves skittered off with them and I will stagger down with coffee in hand to find my finished projects waiting my arrival.

A far more logical approach will be to spend the day tidying my mess. After all, I have no one to blame but myself for the state of my work space. Then I am issuing a challenge, one that a few on my friends have decided to join me on. For the month of May I will be working through my stash and only crafting items made from materials on hand. This will result in the finishing of WIPs and the building of some inventory for the shop and ultimately cleaning out some space. Sounds like a win all the way around right?

If you want to play along feel free to run out an buy whatever your heart desires right now. Go on; submit that order from your supplier, run to Joann’s, download that new dress pattern from Stitch Upon a Time using the 25% off code. I’ll wait.

Got it all out of your system now? Good. Now that’s it for a month, no more “oh this is cute” or “wow what a great sale” you’re cut off for the next 31 days. Cold turkey!

Okay I’m not that mean you can buy a few things, but only if you have to buy an item to finish a project. This means if you’re a shop owner and you can’t complete an order without picking up the custom fabric, then you can buy, BUT only that fabric. This means if you’re happily sewing away on that quilt you started 10 years ago and you run out of thread mid top stitch, then you can buy new thread. If you can’t behave yourself send someone else into the store for you.

Upload your projects to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc using #stashingthroughMay When June rolls around marvel at all the stuff you made, all the money you saved, how clean your shelves are and then run out to buy more!

I’m excited to see what everyone makes while busting through their stash. Amanda over at Under the Blue Umbrella has said she’ll play, so make sure you stop by to see what she’s up to this month.

Use the image below to share:



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Dipped Cookie Bunnies for Easter

Easter is less than a week away and we’re in high bunny gear. This weekend we played with cookies and made this sweet little treat. I love that is was easy enough to let little hands help. with nameEnter our ingredients. We used Milano cookies from Pepperidge Farm ® but any cookie would due, Oreos or Nutter Butters, depending on what you’d like your bunnies to look like. We also used melting wafers of our choice and mini chocolate chips. Easy peasy!

Start with melting your wafers that you intend to use for dipping. We used white, but I think chocolate or colors would be equally as cute. I melted them in a plastic baggie in the microwave in 10 second intervals until they were good and melted. Clipping a small hole in the corner made it easy to pipe out the ears on to parchment paper. I used the cookies to get an idea of how far apart to layout my ears. My hole was a bit bigger than I wanted, but the kids weren’t caring. Then we repeated the process with the accent color to fill in the ears and put the accent bag to the side for later.Ears

To dip the bunnies the put the rest of the dipping wafers and melted in a microwave dish. We just dipped the heads. I found it helped to fill in the bottom of the ear space with a little dab of melted wafer and then laid the dipped cookie on top. With them still soft we put on the mini chips for eyes.


Once they were set we remelted the accent bag and went back over the bunnies to give them noses. The kids were happy to gobble them right up, even the less than pretty ones.

ring of bunnies


The boys say they look like bunny slippers. I’ll take that as an excuse to make them at sleepovers too.



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Made of Heart Link Up Week of March 30th

Welcome to a new week of our handmade link up sharing the love of our fellow handmade artists! Just add your link and give a shout out to one you like too. We love having you all here. link up 3-30

1- Bunny Plush from Teeny Tails
2- Rainbow Glitter Hair Ties from The Stitched Edge
3- PB&J Charms from Kawaii Creationz
4- Knit Hedgehog from Sweety Greetings

What should you link? Handmade products or designs you have created. No mass produced items, this is for the handcrafting community.

What not to link: blog posts, Facebook or other media links, promotions, how-tos, etc. This is a way to connect individual artists and potential shoppers by networking together.

Link up to two [2] handmade listings from your shop using the widget below.
Please no licensed or trademarked character items.
Share at least two [2] items that others have linked here via social media, and use #madeofheart when posting!

*Do not Pin items to Pinterest without getting permission from the creator*

While not required; spread the word and tell other crafters about this link up! The more the merrier and the more exposure we all get.

Leave a comment about your favorite items, where you shared, or other encouraging words about supporting handmade.

Select “add your link” – in the first box paste the URL to your specific product listing, not your home page. In the next box, put a brief title describing your item. In the last box add your email address. Click Submit and then choose a thumbnail for the picture.

 Loading InLinkz ...
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10 Easter Inspired Lunches

Easter is sneaking up on us and I find myself looking for some bunny inspired lunches.

easter lunches

I put together a list of a few of my favorites from easy to intricate you’re sure to find a few ideas to sneak into your lunch box in the next couple weeks.


Carefully decorated bunny shaped sandwich from Lunchbox Awesome.


Who says easy is just for bunnies. These cheesy chicks from Meet the Dubiens are simply adorable.


Bento Diva knows that everything is better with sprinkles, especially this egg shaped sandwich.


Who doesn’t love bunny tails like this lunch from Bentoriffic?


Candy eyes aren’t just for Halloween. A simple touch to this bunny cutout from Following in my Shoes.

03312010 小兔便当

Rachel Hei used the Bunny Egg Moldthat is one of our favorites, we’ll be using ours for sure.

Easter-Bunny-Butt-Bento-Lunch  _PM

More bunny tails, ‘cuz they’re my favorite. Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons made great use of the wider space in the Planet Box Lunchbox

1ddaBento Happiness is weaving some love with this basket inspired lunch.


Bento Monsters is way better and shaping rice than I am. I love this bunny anyway.

Bunny Garden

This bunny garden from Bentos on the Bayou is almost too pretty to eat.

Looking for bunny lunch making accessories check out a few of our favorites below:

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