Day 3 – Make Your Own Slime

Sundays are a day for rest, well, as much rest as one can have as the Captain of Chaos. Pancake feed at church this afternoon and then mostly just hanging out with the kids. We took a little time to try out a pin for the 30 Day Pinterest Challenge. I’m totally loving having a commitment to getting a little something done each day. It’s fun that they are outside of my regular shop projects. It almost feels like doing something for me. Today’s was more for the kids though.

We started with this pin on pinterest. There are a number of similar ones available, but they all have the same basic idea. Equal parts glue and liquid starch with a little food coloring. Easy enough right? I have a vague recollection of doing this in middle school science class.

Up front this is not a quick and tidy experiment. Because Turkey has sensory issues this meant A LOT of hand washing for us. I’m sure it would’ve been quicker had it not been for this minor hang up.

We gathered our supplies:


I totally lamented that the clear school glue cost like 3 times as much as the regular stuff. It’s robbery I swear! You may recall that I make my own homemade laundry starch, but we lucked out and Grandpa had some we could borrow. I was excited to try out our neon food dyes. I also decided it would be fun to add a little flavoring to make them smell yummy. If we learned anything from Mr. Sketch® markers in our childhood it’s that everything’s more fun when it smells yummy.


We start by adding the glue and starch, then mixed in the coloring and flavoring.

DSCN1460We stirred it with a spoon until it started to goop up then got our hands dirty.DSCN1454

We were left with quite a bit of liquid in the bowl when we took the lump out to knead it by hand. It then took quite a bit of time to get it where it wasn’t wet and sloppy and more resembled the slime we were shooting for.

DSCN1455 DSCN1456Bean’s was extra stringy and since we used orange flavoring kinda smelled like citrus cleaner. 


The Raspberry one seemed to have the most stretch. It was opaque because we used the white school glue.


I think the Coconut blue was my favorite once we finally got it into a solid lump.
DSCN1461We bagged them up to save to another day.


They were already begging to play with it again after dinner. I was really proud of Turkey for actually getting his hands into it. even though he doesn’t like for his hands to be icky like that. He was having an extra good day today. He never likes to wear button up shirts because of the way they feel, but today he was willing to dress up for church. He even put on a funny little clip on tie. He refused to let me tuck in his shirt, but we’ll take the victories we can.


Tomorrow we take on some chocolate lasagna!

Are you following the 30 Day Pinterest Challenge Board? Do you have one of your own you’d like to share?

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