Tricky Tip Thursday – Baby Powder

The older boys are visiting grandma and they are having an awesome time eating junk, being spoiled, and going to places like Legoland and the beach. The turkey misses them lots and in addition to asking when they’ll come home and sneaking into bed with me each night he has been looking at the pictures of his brothers’ adventures. This means I hear a lot of “I wanna go too!”

He has been asking to go to the beach this week and being in south east Nebraska you’d think I’d be hard pressed to find him a beach and yet I did. A beach with a lighthouse even!

Today we loaded up and headed to Linoma. The lighthouse has been recently added to the historical society’s list and they are planning restoration, but the kids don’t care they just went to splash in the water and build castles.

It wasn’t the ocean, but it was his first real beachy adventure and he was in heaven. The down fall to beaches is all the sand it sticks to you everywhere and then you end up with a car full of it when you trek home at the end of the day. That is unless you use this little trick. Pack baby powder in your beach bag and before loading up rub the powder all over you. It dries up the sand and makes it easy to brush off. I didn’t take pictures of the actual powdering, but trust me, it works.

Happy beach going!
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