Snip, Snip, Snip (Monday Musings)

This year had been the year of a better me. In a lot of ways it has been taking charge, getting healthier, etc. But the bulk of it has been being the me God designed me to be. He doesn’t create junk and it’s my job to take car of myself and appreciate what he made. It’s about being thankful for what’s in my life and living to the fullest potential. He planned for me to be the mother of my kids, hand picked me to be the wife of the man I married, put me in the path of the friends in my life and I owe it to him to fulfill those roles in a way that honors Him. I don’t think the outside is as important as what we having going on in our hearts, but all you have to do is look around and see that it’s hard to separate  inner beauty from outer beauty. Society has taken a nose dive in that respect.
On the other hand I think if we can look in the mirror each morning and like ourselves for who we are then it makes the rest of the day so much easier. For me it’s about embracing what I have now and aspiring to be better. God give me my body and I owe it to him to take good care of it. He “blessed” me with curly hair and I shouldn’t constantly hide it because it’s easier than dealing with. Ever notice how if you stay in your PJs when you wake up you tend to spend the day lazing around surfing the net, flipping through channels, reading the newest best seller, etc. then before you now it you need to get dinner on the table and find the breakfast dishes are still on the table and the day has gotten away from you. I’m not downplaying the importance of taking a mental health day, but I find that if I get up and shower and get dressed and get going, even if I don’t have to go out in the world then I feel better. Taking that one step further, if I go beyond throwing on a t-shirt and pair of shorts by actually throwing together and outfit that could impress someone if I had someone to impress then I feel like a million dollars and I want everyone around me to feel that way too. Even if I just put on my frilly undies and go about my day. I feel a little better about myself and then I look at the world like it’s a little better too. I think we view the world the way we view ourselves and I want to view the world as a beautiful place with lots to offer.

Yes, I have spent a lot of time this year re-organizing my life and my faith. And on top of that has been exercising more and eating better and making sure that when I’m hanging clothes on the line for the millionth time each week I can stop for a second and be grateful that my wonderful children are there each day making dirty clothes for me to have to wash. Part of this makeover of life has included physical things like doing more with my hair and then I found this tutorial on cutting your own bangs. I should say that I never wear bangs, but once every decade or so I decide it’s a good idea. Usually with the childhood prodding of my older sister and her can of Aquanet, lol. But I’ve been feeling a little blah about the state of my hair and the blogger made it look so easy, so I ran off and locked myself in the bathroom for a couple minutes and ended up with this:

This does require me doing a quick style each morning even if I don’t do much with the rest of it, but it makes me feel so much better. Granted in a few weeks I may regret it, but for now I’m actually happy with it.
My challenge for you is to do something for yourself that makes you feel good about yourself and shows an appreciation for the way you’ve been thoughtfully made. 
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