Salad Spinner Painting

I have a salad spinner. I rarely use it. It’s not that we don’t consume green leafy foods that require rinsing, but that I find it easy enough to rinse in the sink and shake out by hand. It would be far more work to pull the spinner out of the cupboard and then wash and return it after. Have I mentioned how LAZY I am?! In all honestly said salad spinner should have found a new home when we were purging and simplifying. But I remember it being pretty pricey, even though I got it during my Pampered Chef consultant days, and there’s something very grown up about having a salad spinner.

Enter my new use for my salad spinner. Remember those Spirograph thingies from our childhood? You could make swirls and the there was a “tie-dye” thing where you put in the paint and it would spin across the paper. See where I’m going here? I should be sewing or cleaning, but decided that while the bean napped a fun project with toddler child was in order.

We gathered our supplies:
Salad spinner, washable paints, paper, and some small jars

Already starting mischief.

A more responsible parent would probably lay down newspaper or similar on the table top. I figured I was doing good making the turkey take off his shirt. And hey it’s washable right?!

Our paint was on the thick side, so we added a little water so it would spread more easily. I let him pick 3 colors:

Lay your paper in your spinner. Ours has two baskets and we’re using the larger one. In the future I might cut down our paper so it fits more evenly.

Let your little artist pour in some paint. You can see this is very exciting!

And it gets better! He spent most of the time squealing “I did it! I did it!”

Through subsequent spinnings we learned that small dots of paint yield more appealing swirls. And after the first two papers he wanted new colors so we added a little blue to our green, orange to our yellow and white to our red.

Tada! And as we finished cleaning up the bean woke from his nap, so our little project took just the right amount of time. I apologize for the horrible pictures there are no windows in the kitchen and the lack of natural light does nothing for my already marginal photography skills.

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