Lunch Hack Easy Squeeze Yogurts

I view yogurt sticks as a double edged sword, they are super convenient as a quick snack or treat, but if you’ve ever given one to a clumsy toddler you know that more ends up down their belly than into their mouth. Something about the hold, squeeze, suck combination that apparently my kids fail at. Then they swear they are done and you can see there is still a ton left in the tube, but they haven’t mastered the even slide required to get every last bit out.

The kids are also big fans of the squeeze the toothpaste from the middle method. So we invested in a couple of these little sliders that help get all the toothpaste up from the end and help get every last bit of toothpaste out before children go running to open another tube and leave half empty toothpaste carcasses sprawled around the bathroom.


Enter my “A-ha!” moment. I’m sure you already know where I’m going with this. And once I thought of it I honestly can’t believe I didn’t put it together sooner.



Slide the little toothpaste squeezie on the end of your tube yogurt, Otter Pop ®, or whatever similar food product needs a good clean squeezing and your child can much more easily consume every little bit. Not saying they won’t get a little over zealous and shoot some out the top, but it’s drastically cut down on the messes around here.



You can usually find them at the dollar store or in the toothpaste section at Wal-mart. If you’re an Amazon customer they have Tube Squeezers as well. I’m a fan of these cute animal ones too. They would be perfect with themed lunches or just to make them smile at lunch.

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