Lunch Blox Review and Giveaway

Everyone knows I love our Yumbox lunch boxes, but this week I got to try out the Rubbermaid Lunch Blox – Sandwich Kit. Like our Yumbox it’s all sealed and leak resistant which I consider a plus. It is plastic, but at least it’s BPA free. 

DSCN1509There is a fun factor as the little sections all stick together and act like little lunch building blocks. I can see this being a difficulty for a smaller child, but I’m confident the OCD 5 year old will be able to take it apart and put it back together at will. Though I’m not sure I want to keep track of all the little pieces all the time. I can see how if you have multiple sets to work with or the other variations you can easily adapt your lunch to fit your needs and make as big or as small of a meal as the lunchee might desire.

DSCN1511I had a hard time keeping little hands from attempting to run off with pieces while I was putting lunch together. sandwich wrapI put together one of Turkey’s favorite sandwich wraps. It’s super easy and a great sandwich replacement. On a whole wheat tortilla spread honey mustard, then layer ham, cheese, spinach and shredded carrot. Roll it all up and cut. DSCN1516

In the main compartment we put the sandwich roll, cheese wheel, and homemade peach fruit leather roll up. The two smallest containers have pistachios and our new favorite treat white chocolate chips inside raspberries. The medium section has carrots and bell pepper slices with hummus. I totally used an icing bag to squeeze it out! The Lunch Blox are easier to clean than the icing tip and bag as they pop right into the dishwasher.


 Then everything all snapped together quick and easy. This configuration doesn’t fit in Turkey’s insulated lunch box though. I’m making a mental note for when I sew up his new carrying case. All in all I think this is a reasonable lunch option. It’s affordably priced and readily available at chain stores like Target and Wal-mart making it easily accessible.

 Before you run out to buy one you can enter to win one right here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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