How to Tuesday – Pony Bead Sun Catchers

I’ve finally had enough and turned on the air conditioning. The melting Alaskan girl has overpowered the cheapo girl. Since the air was running anyway I decided a little oven action couldn’t hurt. I had recently heard that you can make crafts by melting pony beads in the oven. Sounds fun right?

We took out our little cake pans and loaded up our beads. I put them in the oven on 400° and cooked them for about 25 minutes, checking periodically. After melting I’ve decided I like the results when you place the beads on their sides rather then hole facing up. They melt smoother.

Toddler child’s turned out better than mine becuase of the way most of his beads were on their sides.

They made a cracking sound as they cooled and they popped right out. My pans live to see another day! The edges were a little sharp in places, so I had to file them down a bit in those spots to smooth them out. I used the drill to make holes and ran some fishing line through.

Cool huh?
Toddler child was too busy sleeping with his for me to take hanging pictures.

I could see doing certain colors for holidays or using smaller pans to make a mobile or chime. I bet you might even be able to free form them on a cookie sheet.

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