8 Reasons I still Breastfeed

The babe is just over a year old and we’re still nursing along. I find with each of my children I have nursed longer and longer and when left to make their own decisions they have been happy to keep at it. I know the benefits and even pumped for surro baby. I would never look down on someone who has chosen to or been forced to formula feed, but this is what works for us and here’s eight of the many reasons why.

8 – It forces me to sit down and take a break. No matter how crazy my day is I still get to sit down and put my feet up.
7 – It’s convenient. I have what I need when I need it
6 – It’s frugal. If I had to buy formula it would be a real kick to our budget.
5 – It’s healthy for him. I know he’s getting the nutrients and antibodies he needs. Even the AAP advocates for breasfeeding.
4 – I’m teaching my children it’s acceptable and normal to nurse. One day they will be husbands and they will be able to support and encourage their wives.
3 – It’s like an extra workout each day. I’ve always lost my baby weight easier when nursing.
2 – He has a secure bond. He knows he can play and explore, but when he comes for nursies I’ll be there.
1 – He sometimes unlatches. looks up at me and says “mmm”. He likes it and is happy.

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