30 Day Pinterest Challenge

Since joining the masses and becoming addicted to Pinterest I’ve amassed over 5,000 pins and I’m still adding. Anyone else a bipolar pinner? Fruit smoothie, running tips, cute exercise wear, oh triple chocolate cake with OreosĀ®, caramel, and marshmallow fluff! Now which of those do you think is the most likely to happen? Can we say cake? My serial pinning has resulted in more time pinning and not enough time being productive and actually putting those pins into action.

Now is the time! Starting August 1st I will be issuing a 30 Day Pinterest Challenge. Better than 30 days of squats or going gluten free. That’s right; for 30 days (well 31, but who’s counting) I will be trying a new pin from my Pinterest boards each day. I make no guarantees that everything will be amazing, but it will be a fun adventure. I do promise my hair will become a new color, I will finally learn chainmaille jewelry, and I will attempt things from a variety of categories.

If you want to play along and try your own 30 Day Pinterest Challenge we want to know about it. Use #30daypinterestchallenge on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc so we can see what you’ve been up to. Start picking your pins now. I’ve created a Pinterest board to keep track of my challenges and get my list for supplies etc. If you have any suggestions on pins you’d like to see me try feel free to link them and they might make my list.


You now have 3 weeks to start planning your projects and picking up your ingredients/supplies or just work up the nerve to try that project you’ve been afraid of. Don’t let this be you:

My hobbies include...


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