WIP Wednesday – My First Rag Doll

What have we been up to this week? We’re still surviving the different type of quiet that comes when half your children (the two with the best communication skills) are visiting grandma, but I think that affords me the ability to pay more attention to the littles. The turkey has started his new therapy sessions and I’m confident it’s what he needs to keep heading in the right direction and everyday I see positive change in him. Dealing with his delays has made me hyperaware of the bean’s growing vocabulary and it makes me smile when he squeals “kitty” or tells his brother “no!” I find myself keep track and counting, things I never thought of before, but since toddler child I’ve learned so much.

I was contacted by a girlfriend who needed a baby for her little girl’s first birthday and I was excited that my services were requested. I always love to craft for friends. I’d never actually done a rag doll, but it seemed simple enough and was very satisfying. When you make a doll there’s just a process and and as you work through it their little personalities develop. I think she’s sweet and cute.

Don’t you love the piggy tails?
I also recieved a package of fabric this week and I get to make a crib skirt for another friend. At least the people in my life have little girls that I can craft for.
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