Stashing Through May

I’ve fully believed in SBLE (stash beyond life expectancy). Collecting copious amounts of yarn, fabric and more is my plan for being well clothed and warm in the zombie apocalypse. If you can’t beat ’em, knit ’em a sweater. This constant collection of craft supplies has suddenly found me drowning in my work space. I may have bought supplies for a specific project and now can’t even find them. Maybe the helper elves skittered off with them and I will stagger down with coffee in hand to find my finished projects waiting my arrival.

A far more logical approach will be to spend the day tidying my mess. After all, I have no one to blame but myself for the state of my work space. Then I am issuing a challenge, one that a few on my friends have decided to join me on. For the month of May I will be working through my stash and only crafting items made from materials on hand. This will result in the finishing of WIPs and the building of some inventory for the shop and ultimately cleaning out some space. Sounds like a win all the way around right?

If you want to play along feel free to run out an buy whatever your heart desires right now. Go on; submit that order from your supplier, run to Joann’s, download that new dress pattern from Stitch Upon a Time using the 25% off code. I’ll wait.

Got it all out of your system now? Good. Now that’s it for a month, no more “oh this is cute” or “wow what a great sale” you’re cut off for the next 31 days. Cold turkey!

Okay I’m not that mean you can buy a few things, but only if you have to buy an item to finish a project. This means if you’re a shop owner and you can’t complete an order without picking up the custom fabric, then you can buy, BUT only that fabric. This means if you’re happily sewing away on that quilt you started 10 years ago and you run out of thread mid top stitch, then you can buy new thread. If you can’t behave yourself send someone else into the store for you.

Upload your projects to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc using #stashingthroughMay When June rolls around marvel at all the stuff you made, all the money you saved, how clean your shelves are and then run out to buy more!

I’m excited to see what everyone makes while busting through their stash. Amanda over at Under the Blue Umbrella has said she’ll play, so make sure you stop by to see what she’s up to this month.

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