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It warmed up enough to snow this weekend. It’s a problem I hadn’t expected to experience since we left Alaska, but most of this winter it’s actually been warmer there than here in the midwest. Thank you Polar Vortex!

On the plus cold weather makes for knitting weather and I had a chance to use some scraps and knit up this sweet little dolly hat.

Available here:

You can snag it for yourself in my Etsy shop.

Despite trying to enjoy the frigid temps who is going to argue against a chance to think warm tropical thoughts? The lovely Barbara at Soup Kitchen Candles allowed me just such an opportunity when she sent samples of her yummy Pina Colada scented melting tarts. Up front I’d like to mention that one of the things I love about this small business is that they strive to use natural ingredients and keep their footprint small. Working out of Newport Rhode, Island, they create soy candles using organic, non-GMO soy wax. Their fragrances are phthalate & nitro musk free, and they use quality cotton core wicks. They also reuse a variety of up cycled containers. Yay for keeping items out of landfills!

Generally I’m pretty sensitive to fragrances, but I wanted to try something anyway. I was happy to find that when I opened the package the scent was noticeable, but didn’t knock me out. Before burning the coconut is the more dominant of the scents.


I love the cute little dollops! And the handy baggy to save some for later. Remember these are only sampler bits, but the presentation is still sweet.


I have a Partylite melter that uses candles rather than an electric version. I had to dust it off just for our samples. The little bits melt smoothly in the heat, no weird clumping or separating.

warmingAs they warm the pineapple scent becomes more noticeable and the room is filled with the gentle scent. I can smell it as I move around my home, but it’s not so potent that I gag on it. I failed to capture it by camera, but as they melt there are tiny hints of glitter in the warmer that aren’t visible when solid. Like a little secret bonus.

melted Even after my votive went out the fragrance lingered and remained even once the tartlet solidified again. Upon relighting some time later the same sweet aroma returned transporting me back to tropical places and dreams of sandy beaches and umbrella accented drinks.

I can’t say enough nice things and encourage you to stop by and visit. As we head into Valentine’s the shop is full of so many cute designs.

Chocolates that are good for your waistline:

Or dream of summer with this adorable Watermelon Parfait Candle:

Watermelon Sundae Parfait Soy Candle

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