Monday Musings – Time Well Spent

Road trips across Nebraska are dull. There is something soothing about corn waves in the wind, but after the first 100 miles it soothes you right to sleep. It’s nothing like driving in Alaska; sky, mountains, trees, water, flowers, etc. It’s like Mary Poppinsing your way into a postcard. Barely outside of Lincoln I lose my favorite radio station and then half way to our destination my phone loses reception. AT&T is not the cell provider of choice in these parts. I drove child of the eldest variety to church camp this weekend. It’s quite different than driving around with toddler child. I habitually pointed out cows and trains and crop dusters and he looked up from his book long enough to give me the tweenager eye roll. I lost some cool mom points, but overall it was nice to have some one on one time with him. He’s going to have a great week. It’s family tradition to go out there and of course experiences he doesn’t have to share with his brothers are always nice.

The trip back was exciting having my gauge lights come on and stopping to add oil to the car and then getting stuck in stand still traffic. I was in park on the interstate. I did a couple crosswords while not moving along. I do enjoy all the old barns and farm houses we see. One of these days I’m going to stop and take pictures along the way. Of course once it starts to get dark all those cool old structures take on a new aura. I’m seen Children of the Corn and they can be down right spooky! We’ll be making the trek again next weekend.

Today I ran errands with the rest of the boys. They’re such troopers when it comes to fabric shopping. Toddler child has the greatest imagination and it’s hard not to get caught up in his excitement sometimes. We played swords and guns while getting our fabric cut and I’m quite sure we made the day of the clerk helping us. she just kept laughing. For me it’s freeing to not worry about the world around us and just share in his interest “you have a gun and I have a sword”. To see shelves as barriers and tiles as land mines and that no matter where you go your fingers can be a gun or a sword and hearing him say “en garde” is just happy making. I hope that they remember that mom was always willing to play and that when they grow up they too drop everything and enjoy the moments like this with their own kids.

Roadtrip funny: I love Friends! Yea, it’s great to have people you think are fab who accept you regardless of your neurosis, but I’m talking about the TV show. Man I married and I used to have this theory that everything in life could be related to an episode of Friends. Anyway, in the episode “The One With the Stoned Guy” it was Chandler’s responsibility to take care of the WENUS (Weekly Estimated Net Usage Statistics). So I got a chuckle when I saw this:

Ok, the spelling is wrong, but it still made me think Friends.
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