Made of Heart Monday Week 3

We survived another week, despite getting hit with the sickies and the delays that tend to come with tending to illness, but I think we’re on our way to breathing clearly again. Just in time for a new week of our handmade link up.

The most clicked item from week 2 of Made of Heart link up was from Nature Junkie. Seems these green chevron unsponges were an eye catcher. I think her products generally sell themselves they’re so amazing. How can you beat practical and cute?

Mint Chocolate Chip Chevron Regular-size Unsponges

Staff Picks

By staff I mean me and the kidlets, it’s a group effort. Turkey decided this owl hat was something he needed. Consider it noted my child. It’s bright and cheery and sure to make you think warm thoughts. As cold as it’s been we can all use some warm thoughts. You can find your own owl hat and other cute items at Trini’s Crochet.

Rainbow Owl Beanie

I personally had a hard time choosing between this chainmaille bracelet or the unicorn magnet.

Chain maille rosette bracelet *pink*

Unicorn magnet

But as it works out you can find both these items at Cherished.

Thanks for coming by and here’s to another fun week of lovin’ handmade!

What should you link? Handmade products or designs you have created. No mass produced items, this is for the handcrafting community.
What not to link: blog posts, Facebook or other media links, promotions, how to’s. This is a way to connect individual crafters and potential shoppers by networking together.

Link up to two [2] handmade listings from your shop using the widget below.
Please no licensed or trademarked character items.
Share at least two [2] items that others have linked here via social media, and use #madeofheart when posting!

*Do not Pin items to Pinterest without getting permission from the creator*

While not required; spread the word and tell other crafters about this link up! The more the merry and the more exposure we all get.

Leave a comment about your favorite items, where you shared, or other encouraging words about supporting handmade.

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