Knitstant Graftification

Knitting is among my newer obsessions. I find the clicking of needles to be soothing and hugging skeins of wool just makes me smile. Unlike sewing it’s a very portable craft. I can knit in the car when I’m not driving. I can knit while waiting for kids to be picked up from school. I can knit while catching up on Bones or reliving my favorite episodes of Supernatural. Knitting while nursing proves to be an adventure in contortionism, but the bean and I are adapting. I think I know what it would be like to own a cat and be a knitter. He likes to help and often forgets he’s supposed to be eating and instead has his way with the yarn or instigates a tuggin war over the current work in progress. Some skill is required to pry my needles out of his little hands while preventing the stitches from slipping off. I know these days are short lived so we embrace the chaos of babydom.
Most projects take several days or weeks. I have a certain project that’s been taunting me for months, but I vow to finish it soon, -ish. I’ve reached the point in my knitting evolution where I have multiple projects in the works. It’s fun to cast on a new project. But sometimes the time involved begins to suck out the joy and like a junky you need a quick fix. It’s nice to say “I finished.” Wash cloths and baby sized hats make for great instant grafication projects, but this week I learned the joy of bulky yarn and large needles. I test knit a pattern for a friend in bukly yarn and size 11 needles. I’ve never used needles that big before, but in a matter of moments I had put a sizable dent in my project and in hours had a hat. It was like magic! I immediately cast on my next bulky project and my size 13 needles are smokin’ away.
*Same hat on bigger child*
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