Keep a Toddler Busy – WIP Wednesday

I generally prefer to be ahead of trends rather than follow them, but there is a quilt pattern (The Beekeeper’s Quilt) making the rounds on Ravelry. It’s adorable and it’s like the knitted counterpart to the pinwheel quilt my grandmother used to have. After much resistance I’ve finally started knitting these addictive little puffs. Once knitted and stuffed you sew them all together.

Aren’t they cute and squishy looking?
I’ve got a pile of diapers that need finishing and 4 other knitting projects on the needles. It’s always something in progress, but with toddlers underfoot it’s not always easy to get time to work on things unless they’re sleeping. So if I can’t include them in a project it sometimes takes creative distractions.
Luckily toddlers are pretty happy with the simple things. A package of pipe cleaners and a couple colanders make for cheap entertainment.
It develops fine motor skills and makes a cool hat.
Plus, it’s much quieter than the pan drum activity.

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