Homemade Cheesey Crackers

Ages ago I found the Smitten Kitchen recipe for making Goldfish crackers at home and it was an instant hit. The kids love goldfish and I love easy and I’ve been hard pressed to improve upon her recipe in any way. I do make mine with only whole wheat flour, but it’s hard to want to make a change from , “throw it all in a food processor and turn it on”. Even with the help of a toddler or two the whole adventure happens quickly. He enjoys pushing the pulse button and even with the safety measures I find I immediately unplug it once I’m done with it. He’s so crafty I just know if ever a child could circumvent the Cuisinart it would be my 3 year old. He keeps me on my toes and I find myself walking into rooms and taking inventory on every way he might possibly wreck havoc. He’s destined for great things!

We made these crackers again several weeks ago and the turkey decided he needed farm animals instead of fish. I love that I have the time and patience to just let him do his thing. The more I come to terms with having a child who is most likey ADHD and on the Autism spectrum the more I learn about my son and just living. We have our routine, but we don’t have to live by the rules of the time clock and I don’t have to match my life to pictures in magazines. So what if you cut out half the cow with the bunny and have flour up to your armpits. By being home and slowing down I’ve learned to enjoy every moment, each smile, each laugh, each tear, and just let it be. I mourn the moments I lost being caught up in things that seemed important then and now are trivial. But I’m making up for lost time these days. This life; it’s simple, but it’s mine. And anyone who thinks I’m a bad mother obviously doesn’t read the blog.

Speaking of cheese here’s a silly kid joke from midkid:

What goes ha ha plop?
– someone laughing their head off 


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