Great Cloth Diaper Change 2012

This morning I loaded up the kidlets and trekked into town. This always seems like such an adventure because these days I’ve become a bit of a homebody. But we joined a group of like minded parents at Baby Junk in Omaha. Last year the Real Diaper Association and families across the globe broke a world record for the most diapers changed at once.¬†We sought to break that record again this year.

My older boys are obsessed with the Guinness Book of World Records. I really just wanted to go play with other cloth diapering mamas, but I thought it would be fun for them to get to say they were at an event in the record books. All morning they were pretty excited about it. They got to participate in some musical activities on the sidelines too.

We staked out our spot and the bean got into position. I didn’t get shots of the actual change, but I assure you it was cute and fun.

Since we were in Omaha anyway we decided to spend a couple hours at the zoo. It’s nice to have the pass and just get to wander around for a little while and not feel like you have to make a whole day out of it. The turkey was very excited.
I didn’t accomplish anything productive around the house today, but dirty laundry will keep.
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