Gimme a Break

Feel free to burst into song about a certain candy bar. Dang now I think I need one! I’ve been feeling a little burnt out lately. At 18 months the bean still doesn’t sleep all night every night. When he does something else manages to keep me awake. It’s been ridiculously hot again and the cheap-o in me refuses to be running the A/C in September. Somewhere amidst 8+ hours a day trying to rebuild a business and then the rest of my time running a home and raising four boys I guess I forgot that one needs to have a day off.

Copyright Turk and Bean 2012

5 quarts of applesauce and 7 quarts of spaghetti sauce

Yesterday, my aunt came over and we spent the day canning. I had recently been given apples and corn and tomatoes on top of the ones from our own garden. I love FREE! It does, however, mean you have to do something with your loot or risk it all turning on you. Thursday I processed all the corn and yesterday spend the bulk of the day making apple sauce and then spaghetti sauce. It’s been along time since I’ve spent 7 hours on my feet. At one point I got all light headed and had to sit. Either my tendency for anemia was rearing it’s head or I had forgotten to drink enough water. Combined with breaking my seam ripper the night before surely the universe was dropping me a hint.Copyright Turk and Bean 2012

Today we loaded up the zoo and hit the lake with family. It’s a little against my normal state to sit and do nothing, but it was nice. The boys got to go out in the canoe and we roasted weenies and made s’mores. We soaked up lots of vitamin D and came home filthy, but happy. It’s been two long, but good days. A bit of hard work followed by a bit on fun. I imagine most are going to be enjoying the holiday tomorrow, but I think I’ll be ready to get back to productive mode, but I don’t think I’ll let myself go so long without a break again. Maybe it’s time to institute a regular day off. Hmn, what’s that?




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