Dipped Cookie Bunnies for Easter

Easter is less than a week away and we’re in high bunny gear. This weekend we played with cookies and made this sweet little treat. I love that is was easy enough to let little hands help. with nameEnter our ingredients. We used Milano cookies from Pepperidge Farm ® but any cookie would due, Oreos or Nutter Butters, depending on what you’d like your bunnies to look like. We also used melting wafers of our choice and mini chocolate chips. Easy peasy!

Start with melting your wafers that you intend to use for dipping. We used white, but I think chocolate or colors would be equally as cute. I melted them in a plastic baggie in the microwave in 10 second intervals until they were good and melted. Clipping a small hole in the corner made it easy to pipe out the ears on to parchment paper. I used the cookies to get an idea of how far apart to layout my ears. My hole was a bit bigger than I wanted, but the kids weren’t caring. Then we repeated the process with the accent color to fill in the ears and put the accent bag to the side for later.Ears

To dip the bunnies the put the rest of the dipping wafers and melted in a microwave dish. We just dipped the heads. I found it helped to fill in the bottom of the ear space with a little dab of melted wafer and then laid the dipped cookie on top. With them still soft we put on the mini chips for eyes.


Once they were set we remelted the accent bag and went back over the bunnies to give them noses. The kids were happy to gobble them right up, even the less than pretty ones.

ring of bunnies


The boys say they look like bunny slippers. I’ll take that as an excuse to make them at sleepovers too.



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