Day 5 – Newspaper Print Nails

I used to paint my nails all the time. Once I had kicked the nail biting habit it was fun. I keep seeing cute manicures on pinterest and wonder why I don’t do that anymore. Then I remember that the last time I had a mani/pedi the neighbor girl sleeping with my husband had taken me out for a girly day and was just pretending to be my friend. Joke was on me, right? But life’s not about them anymore and I’m taking back my joy.

The bookworm in me fell in love with this pin and it seemed easy enough.

Print sur ongles

Haha apparently nail painting is not like riding a bike. If you don’t do it for a while it doesn’t just magically come back. The 3 year old bumping your arm and the cheap polish paired with the fan and great cross breeze through the house meant the first wiggly pass was drying before I could even get to the next and things were pretty rough. The 5 year old wanted his painted too.


Mine looked about the same, but we tarried on. The pin mentioned Vodka, but I’m a Margarita girl, so I used Tequila. Jose don’t fail me now!20140806_100245

I also found I don’t have a newspaper, but I decided to cut up someone’s newest copy of the Army Times. It’s okay he loves me. I found an article on PTSD treatments which seemed kinda fitting given my soft spot for that particular issue. 20140806_100326

I didn’t read the details for how long to soak and set etc. So kinda experimented with each nail. I found I got better results cutting the paper smaller to fit my nail size. Expect to get print on your skin too, but it comes off easily with a little remover and a cotton swab. I also found the top coat smeared the print a bit.20140806_101341

Tada! Well maybe it’s not real impressive. My results weren’t as dark as the sample. I might try again after practicing my painting skills a bit more.20140806_112624

Having any luck with your own challenges?

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