Cloth Diapers and Daycare

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While mama, daddy, and the occasional unsuspecting older sibling may be cloth diapering experts sometimes someone has to care for baby that isn’t as in the know. We’re lucky to have a large circle of friends that use cloth, so I can just as confidently drop of my child with a pile of pre-folds as I could a pack of sposies. Our other sitting options have been great in learning about our diapers and working with them. So we’ve got some tips and tricks for making it easier on those willing to watch your little cloth diapered babe.

Introduce your caregiver to your cloth. Convenience diapers such as All-in-Ones and Pockets are the easiest for them to figure out. Bring along your wet bag and wipes if you’re also using cloth wipes and show them how everything goes into your bag and comes home. On one instance we had the caregiver place the diapers in a plastic grocery bag and then the wetbag. From that experience we learned we needed to be clearer about that aspect of our diapering system.

Give them an opportunity to see them in action. Demonstrate how to use your diapers and walk them through a changing with your child. This is more important if your using a system such as pre-folds that may require the use of pins or snappis. Most diaper manufacturers have how-to instructions make a copy for your caregiver to refer to during their initial weeks of cloth diaper use.

Be flexible. Your favorite system at home may not be the most convenient for your caregiver especially if they have multiple children to care for. Would it be easier for them to have the aplix version of your snapping diapers? Or to have only one style in the diaper bag? I know families who have a stash of diapers that only go to the daycare and this keeps things simple.

You were a beginner once too. Have you ever put wool over a PUL diaper? Accidentally used microfiber against babies skin? Mistakenly used an unapproved cream on your diapers? Had a pre-fold pinned so wonkily a poo escaped? These are things your caregiver may experience if you don’t share some of your own learning hurdles. You can’t expect them to get it all over night either, so give them a trial period to get the hang of it.

Enjoy this chance to share your joys of cloth. You have your own reasons for using cloth diapers, from saving money and the planet, to being healthier for your baby, or just because it’s cute. This may be your caregivers first exposure to modern cloth diapers and their opinions may be formed on your attitude and how you present them. You may be planting the seed for a future cloth diapering family to grow.

If you’re using a child care center be aware of your state’s regulations. Many centers may claim regulations prohibit cloth diaper use and this is rarely the case.

Looking for a cloth diaper friendly center? The Real Diaper Association has compiled a list of cloth diaper friendly daycares.

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