Cat’s Meow Bento Lunch

I am crazy in love with making Turkey his fun lunches. I just enjoy it. It’s a nice treat for him and it lets me play in the kitchen. I used to dream of having my own Food Network show and at least this way I can pretend. One of my favorites so far has been the kitty he requested and I was totally tickled when Yumbox reposted it on Instagram.

kitty lunch

Kitty shaped sandwich, almond butter (our school is peanut free) and marshmallow fluff, AKA a fluffer nutter sandwich. Half a banana on top of a spinach bed. Carrot sticks with apples cute in kitty and letter shapes. Goldfish® crackers with ham and cheese kitty cut outs, the center has Dorothy Lynch dressing for his spinach.

It’s really pretty simple to do yourself if you have the right tools for the job. By tools we mean the cute little cutters that are sort of the heart of our themed bento lunches.

20140913_105833[1]Shown above are the pieces we used from a couple of the cutter sets we have.

First, the kitty we used to make the sandwich. This Cutezcute Animal Friends Food Cutter Set is one of my favorite pieces. The complete set has 4 animals, in addition to the cat it has a frog, bear, and pig. Too much cute to handle!

I get a lot of mileage from our Wilton Alphabet and Numbers Cutter Set. They are perfect for adding letters to banana peels like we did above, but the sturdy metal cutters work with a variety of produce, meats, cheeses, etc. I originally got them to make fondant letters on cakes, so they have tons of fun uses. Plus when they’re out the kids love to name the letters and practice their sounds. Educational too!

The small cat silhouette comes from this Chuboos Vegetable Cutter Set. Another great set with a bunch of options since there are 6 animal shapes. I love that it’s a thicker cutter style so it can be used on lots of chunkier items.

Happy Lunching!

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