Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal

We’re poor. Funny how easy it is for me to say that, yet I can barely mutter the word divorced. Oddly enough the later is more socially acceptable than the former, seems the destruction of a family is of little importance, but your monetary worth means a lot. Anything wrong with this picture? If you do the math we live below the poverty line and part of making it work on sometimes less than $100 a month for groceries means eating cheap. This does not mean overly processed foods that come in boxes for less than a $1 a pop. Broke or not it’s still important to me that my kids still eat well and having a warm breakfast before school tops that list. We do a lot of baked oatmeal. Oatmeal is low cost, but filling and full of heart healthy fiber.

I don’t always have the time in the morning to bake, but if made ahead baked oatmeal reheats wonderfully. Add a little milk and a side of fruit and the kidlets are ready to fill their brains cause their bellies are fully too. Despite the 90 degree weather we’re nearing fall and pumpkinish thoughts. Last year we canned all our pumpkins and I still have some in store, so I was excited when a friend shared a baked pumpkin oatmeal recipe. I was even more excited at the price tag of said recipe. The original author estimate their cost at $2.77 and I knew mine had to be less, what with the canned pumpkin, homemade vanilla, homemade brown sugar, etc. And a batch of this provides 3 mornings of breakfast for the boys. Sounds good right!?

The plus is it’s easy. Whisk everything together and then add the oats. I did find that mine didn’t have the bright orange coloring as the original author, but I figure that’s due to the non-commercially processed pumpkin.


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Even in a crummy cell picture it looks yummy.

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