A Dragon is Hatched

With all the Christmas orders on their way to their new homes I’ve been able to turn my attention to some of my own projects. I’m still sewing for Christmas, but these presents will be staying here bringing joy to my own sweet kids.

I’ve been dying to sew up the NimblePhish Baby Dragon pattern. I scoured up some materials. I had already decided I wanted to use some of the left over Charcoal cotton velour from a recent custom blanket.


It was so squishy and soft I knew it would be perfect for the Bean’s new friend. I also decided we needed some cute accent print and I had some Grumpus Nimbus fabric on hand. fabric

Gonna be cute, right? You can see all the pieces traced out on fusible fleece. There’s also pieces for the Turkey’s pony (Rainbow Dash). Lots of sewing little pieces this week.

SAMSUNGI apologize for the crummy cell phone pictures. I was mostly sharing the process with friends and this blog post was an after the fact idea. So we get things sewn up combining our carefully chosen fabrics with our traced pieces and start to end up with cute little things like baby dragon feet.SAMSUNG

At this point I’m already making that fan girly squee noise. How can you not think these are the cutest little feet ever? No? Well how ’bout here:SAMSUNG

Obviously the feet are my favorite part. Still not cute enough for you? Have you no heart?! How ’bout my little helper stopping by to say hi?


They say you shouldn’t let your kids see the process while you make dolls and animals. I’d never get anything done that way and really the kids have a lot of fun guessing what the end results will be. In this case the end result is this:


I’m loving these little dragons so much that they are going to be a new addition to the shop in the new year. Still working out some details, but I hope to have a couple slots ready for the stocking at Pins & Needles on the 2nd. The Bean is going to love his little dragon and I know as we start to send some sweet hatch lings to new homes they will bring lots of love with them. jarethsgrumpus2

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